What is an air ambulance?

Think of an air ambulance as a flying intensive care unit (ICU).


WorldWide Air Ambulance Service


Air Ambulance Service is based in the US Virgin Islands, and was founded to improve emergency access to medical care.

The AeroMD team cares for critically ill or injured patients in the air, just as intensive care unit professionals do in a hospital. When configured for medical evacuation flights, aircraft include a patient stretcher and seating for their companion. Air ambulances also accommodate the AeroMD medical team, including a critical care registered nurse and respiratory therapist or paramedic. A pilot and co-pilot ensure a safe and smooth flight from the cockpit, expertly navigating at night or through inclement weather when emergencies necessitate. Satellite phones connect both the pilot and medical teams to unlimited resources on the ground. This enables the receiving medical team at the destination facility to be briefed on the patient’s current condition before, the air ambulance wheels even touch the ground. In addition to accommodating passengers and pilots, an air ambulance includes extensive, state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Discover why partners love AeroMD

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Discover why partners love AeroMD

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AeroMD Air Ambulance serves our neighbors throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.

  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient