Contact: – Human resources at your company – Your company’s medical plan representative – AeroMD (membership@aeromd.com / 340-715-7942)
Most AeroMD members pay for their membership through payroll deduction, so your company will cancel those deductions once AeroMD membership is in-effect for its employees. If you pay for AeroMD out-of-pocket, you do need to manually stop automatic payments monthly or annually, which can be done by calling AeroMD at 340-715-7942. Please contact your company’s human resources representative or medical plan administrator first, to request your company’s annual renewal date with UnitedHealthcare.
AeroMD membership will be included with UnitedHealthcare insurance on a company-by-company basis, immediately for new subscribers, or at time of plan renewal for current subscribers. On the date your company’s annual UnitedHealthcare plan renews in 2017, you will also receive AeroMD membership. On the back of your UnitedHealthcare card, the “printed” date in the upper-right hand corner may indicate your company’s annual renewal date. Confirm with human resources at your company or with your medical plan administrator. * Please see AeroMD membership terms and conditions for complete information about UnitedHealthcare membership benefits. Not available to All Savers or UnitedHealthcare National Accounts Book of Business.

AeroMD Air Ambulance serves our neighbors throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.

  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient