Meet an Air Ambulance Patient: Kemit-Amon Lewis

Air Ambulance Patient Kemit Amon Lewis Full Story


The AeroMD media team recently had the opportunity to visit with former Air Ambulance patient Kemit-Amon Lewis at his new residence in Florida. 

Kemit initially reported to St. Croix urgent care in 2019, due to groin pain he suspected was from a tennis-related muscle strain. His vital signs pointed to something more serious and he was referred to the emergency room. There it was determined that a bacterial infection was causing Kemit to go into septic shock and that he required urgent medical evacuation. The AeroMD team was able to airlift Kemit immediately.   In Florida, Broward Health doctors induced a coma in their cardiovascular intensive care unit due to Kemit’s multi-organ failure. Unfortunately, vasopressors administered to protect his vital organs resulted in the development of gangrene in all four limbs. This led to amputations of his right hand and foot, as well as left fingers and toes. After more than 40 days in the hospital, Kemit underwent extensive physical therapy at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Institute at Broward Health North.  

Fast forward to 2020 and Kemit is incredibly living independently and returning to his passions. Thanks to custom prosthetics, he is able to dance, play tennis, and even scuba dive again.

Kemit continues to visit St. Croix family and friends, recently returning to island for the annual Caribbean Dance recital. He remains a staple in the community, well recognized for his contributions as a marine biologist and choreographer.   


Air Ambulance Patient Kemit Amon Lewis  
There is not a doubt in my mind that if AeroMD did not exist, I would not be here today.” Kemit-Amon Lewis (Patient)
The AeroMD team wishes to thank Kemit for his time and willingness to bravely share his story.  The details of this case were shared only with his express written permission. 

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