Meet an Air Ambulance Patient – Daryan Maynard

Air Ambulance Patient’s Story – Daryan Maynard

Recently the AeroMD team had the opportunity to catch-up with The Maynard Family, including former Air Ambulance patient Daryan Maynard.

According to Daryan (then nine years old), he was playing on a St. Croix pier. As he went to jump off, one of his legs went through a missing board while his momentum carried the rest of his body toward the water. The result was a severe fracture, compromising both bone and artery. Daryan needed both a vascular surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon, which were not available on island.    

AeroMD Air Ambulance team was able to airlift Daryan within hours of his accident. Miami surgeons operated on his leg the following morning, and were able to save it from amputation. His initial recovery began in a wheelchair, then progressed to crutches. Daryan underwent six months of intense physical therapy to learn to walk again. Thankfully Daryan was a swimmer prior to his accident, as it was the only activity permitted during his rehabilitation. While for the first few times back in the pool his father had to lift him in and out, he gained strength and quickly found his stride again. 

Due to his dedication to swimming, within two years of his accident, Daryan became a member of the Virgin Islands National Team. He actively travels and competes internationally representing the USVI. Daryan routinely makes the podium in both individual and relay events, specializing in the backstroke.

The Maynard family credit the AeroMD team and the St. Croix healthcare community with saving Daryan’s leg. This includes Daryan’s parents Yonka and Damon, well known in the St. Croix community as the restaurateurs behind Cafe Fresco in Christiansted.  


Air Ambulance Patient Daryan
Sometimes people think this is only for older people.  My son was nine.  Accidents happen, and you need to be prepared..” Yonka Maynard  (Patient’s Parent)
The AeroMD team wishes to thank the Maynard family for their time and willingness to bravely share their story.  The details of this case were shared only with their express written permission. 

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  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient