AeroMD is well insured for both your safety and ours.
AeroMD accepts payments in the form of money orders, bank wire transfers, cashier’s checks, cash and all major credit cards as well as most private insurance. AeroMD’s financing program through its partnership with American Healthcare Lending provides another option for payment. Our Flight Coordinators will work with you to process multiple forms of payment if necessary. Please provide the patient’s insurance information and we will work with their insurance provider to obtain payment authorization.
Most private insurance carriers are accepted as well as Medicare and Medicaid. However, air ambulance benefits may be dependent on individual policies. Our nationally certified AeroMedical Communications Specialists / Flight Coordinators will more than happy to work with you to obtain prior authorization from your insurance carrier.
AeroMD’s written quotes are all-inclusive. There are no hidden charges or add-ons. They include ground transportation, air transportation, medications and supplies, and of course the professional services of the Medical Flight Team. Any special permits involved with international travel will be included. When comparing AeroMD to other providers’ quotes, please be sure to obtain their quote in writing for your protection. Furthermore, please compare the level of care, number, education and capabilities of the team members. We never expect the worst to happen, but with AeroMD you always have our highly trained critical care team on-board our aircraft regardless of the patient’s status. If an emergency should arise, they are there to provide care immediately.
As I am sure you realize, the cost of aeromedical transportation is somewhat expensive. AeroMD is committed to providing the highest level of care at the lowest reasonable price. Please contact AeroMD’s Communication Center known as “CaribComm” for a quote. Please note, AeroMD accepts most private insurance and works with Medicare and Medicaid. We are one of the few aeromedical services that may be able to limit or eliminate your upfront out-of-pocket expense depending on insurance pre-authorization. AeroMD is also the only Air Ambulance provider serving the Caribbean to offer financing up to $100,000.00 through our partner American Healthcare Financing.
One call to our 24/7 communication center known as “CaribComm” does it all. Our team manages the entire process for you. When you call to request a transport, you will speak to one of our nationally certified Aeromedical Communications Specialists / Flight Coordinators who will request the following information: Patient’s Name Date of Birth Sex Current Medical Condition / Admitting Diagnosis Sending and Desired Receiving Facilities Sending and Receiving (If available) Physician Information. Preferred Date and Time For Patient to Travel Insurance Information or Method of Payment Passport Information for Patient and Passenger (if applicable) Our flight coordinators will then do the rest. They manage communications between facilities, physicians, case managers, admission personal, airports, ambulances and families. They facilitate admission to the receiving facility or find a facility willing to accept the patient. Furthermore, they schedule ground transportation on both ends of the transport and coordinate with the medical flight teams. During the transport they provide real time flight following and support to the aircraft and provide updates to the family and receiving facility.
AeroMD’s air ambulances are business class jet and turboprop aircraft specially converted into flying Intensive Care Units with the same equipment and personnel found in most modern hospital intensive care units and emergency departments. AeroMD strives to provide the same high level of care that the patient has been or will be receiving.
Unlike many providers, AeroMD believes in the importance of starting and finishing the entire transport with the patient. Therefore, AeroMD’s Medical Flight Teams insure continuity of care by providing bedside-to-bedside care. This not only allows for our Flight Nurses and Flight Respiratory Practitioners to receive report directly from the caregivers, nurses, and physicians; but also allows them to directly pass this information along to the receiving caregivers, nurses, and physicians. This includes information about any interventions, medications, and/or changes that occurred during the transport.
AeroMD flies to countries throughout the world. Within the Caribbean we are capable of landing and taking off on any runway of at least 3000 feet in length. This makes up the majority of small island airports. Our jets are capable of landing at most regional and international airports. Therefore, chances are there is an acceptable airport within minutes of your location and destination.
AeroMD’s Medical Flight Teams are among the highest trained teams in the world. Our teams function under aggressive standing order patient care protocols. Communication by satellite phone is available with one of our physicians for consultation as needed from anywhere in the world.


We have two pilots on board besides our medical team. AeroMD also feels strongly regarding our responsibility to further training within the critical care transport community. Therefore at times we may also have medical, nursing, respiratory care or paramedicine students onboard observing for their clinical rotations.
AeroMD can care for High Risk OB patients on a case by case basis.
AeroMD can care for pediatric patients.
AeroMD’s aircraft are equipped as flying Intensive Care Units. The aircraft known as Aero-One and Aero-Two have a Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator, Mechanical Ventilator, IV Pumps, Ultrasound Unit, Video Laryngoscope and a Portable Laboratory on board.
AeroMD always has at least two clinicians onboard every flight. Our primary adult team is comprised of specially trained Flight Nurses and Flight Respiratory Practitioners. Both have at least three years of critical care experience. Many have emergency department and 911 EMS experience as well. The teams go through AeroMD’s in house training program that includes didactic time at our educational partner facilities in their High Fidelity Human Patient Simulator Labs and surgical skills training center. In some situations or on request, a board certified physician may also accompany the flight. Please see the “Flight Team” page for more information.


All of AeroMD’s aircraft are cabin pressurized to maintain a comfortable environment for our patients. Cabin pressure is very important for patient care!
As our primary and dedicated medevac aircraft, AeroMD utilizes a Cessna Citation Bravo jet. Our partnership with Bohlke International Airways allows us to retrofit several other aircraft for medevac, in case the need arises for multiple patients to be transported simultaneously.
AeroMD and its aviation vendor, Bohlke International Airways, maintain aircraft insurance to protect our patients, crew, and passengers.
Our pilots are all ATP certified and our aircraft are under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 135 regulations. The FAA’s Part 135 regulations are strict rules governing aircraft operations, maintenance, and pilot training. They also control pilot work hours to ensure that pilots do not fly when fatigued. AeroMD along with our aviation vendor, Bohlke International Airways, meets or exceeds these regulations.


AeroMD has many bi and multilingual team members. We also have access to interpreters that can assist with the patient as needed.
AeroMD is the international expert when it comes to aeromedical transport from international locations. Based in the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, AeroMD’s flight teams can transport patients to or from anywhere in the world.
AeroMD is a 24-hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year operation. One of AeroMD’s Communication Specialists / Flight Coordinators is always available in our Communications Center known as “CaribComm” to discuss your needs. Please call toll free 1-844-AeroMD-1 to speak with someone.
Some patients must fly emergency within minutes or hours while others may have advance notice of days or even weeks. It is always best to call AeroMD at the earliest opportunity to discuss arranging transport. This allows time to obtain all necessary documents, insurance approval and allows for proper planning. Sometimes, advance notice can actually reduce the patient’s cost if the flight can be tied into another one going the opposite direction preventing the need for an empty leg. Please call our 24/7 communication center known as “CaribComm” toll free at 1-844-AeroMD-1 and speak with one of our Communication Specialists / Flight Coordinators for further information.
Luggage is limited due to the amount of medical equipment on board AeroMD’s aircraft. We normally limit luggage to one carry on size piece of luggage total. However this is subject to the patient’s condition and the need for any extra medical equipment or personnel. AeroMD will be more than happy to assist you with shipping additional luggage and/or packages at your cost.
Family members may travel without charge. The number of family members is based on the aircraft, the patient’s health, and the length of the transport. Usually AeroMD will allow one (1) family member on board to accompany the patient. If the patient is highly unstable and may require significant interventions during flight, the flight team may choose to deny passengers to accompany the patient when they arrive at bedside. On rare occasions with extremely stable patients, AeroMD may allow up to two (2) passengers to accompany the patient at no additional charge.

AeroMD Air Ambulance serves our neighbors throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.

  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient