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Your hotel air ambulance partner. AeroMD is an asset for hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.

With medevac aircraft based in the region, guests will enjoy peace of mind even traveling far from home or to remote destinations. Headquartered in the Virgin Islands, AeroMD can quickly reach patients ranging from the Bahamas to Aruba (and most any island in between), faster than other air ambulance services. In case of illness or injury, the AeroMD team has patients in the air in a matter of hours, not days. Caribbean tourists, especially elderly guests or those with medical conditions, can easily sign-up for a short-term AeroMD membership during their travel dates. For Caribbean resorts or hotels, encouraging guests to obtain an AeroMD vacation membership is an easy way to add value, providing calm for both visitors and hotel teams in case of a medical emergency with hotel air ambulance service. Starting at just $30 USD for a one month plan for up to six people, AeroMD membership is affordable for any visitor. Simply direct guests to between reservation and check-in, to provide peace of mind for all involved. For hotel managers and their teams, AeroMD can act as a secondary resource of medical help after emergency services have been contacted. From working with patient insurance and family members back home, the entire process is streamlined and handled by certified air medical communicators. Since 2015, the AeroMD group of professionals have built solid relationships with the medical teams at Caribbean hospitals. Ranging from emergency room physicians and case managers to ground ambulance teams, the AeroMD name means trust and confidence in patient care. This reputation helps streamline the bedside-to-bedside process, safely and smoothly transporting patients to medical facilities with a wider range of capabilities than those on small Caribbean islands. Give your guests and employees the best hotel air ambulance service. When a hotel guest is seriously sick or injured, local emergency services should always be called first. AeroMD may be contacted secondarily, once a patient has been stabilized. Between the patient’s attending physician, insurance company and AeroMD medical communicators, it will be established if medical evacuation is necessary. Once that is confirmed, the AeroMD ground team will go into action to coordinate the careful transport of the patient from hospital to airport. Hotel teams can help support the patient’s family during this challenging time, to designate a companion to travel alongside the sick or injured person and pack accordingly for both parties.
AeroMD also offers training for hotel teams to be better prepared to handle first-aid and emergency response for potential guest injury. So while visitors may endeavor on excursions beyond their physical skill level while on vacation, hotel staff will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle it. This training can range from when it’s time to call 911 when a resort visitor has a simple injury like a deep cut or has become severely dehydrated, to what they can do while they await a ground ambulance. The AeroMD medical team can train the basic skills to utilize the essential items found in a first-aid kit. A consultation with AeroMD also includes a check of medical equipment hotels and resorts are required to carry, such as defibrillators.
Having a severely ill or injured guest is a worst case scenario for any hotel manager. Particularly for resorts and boutique hotels located on remote islands where medical resources are limited, housing visitors far from home can be anxiety-inducing. In case of a guest heart attack / stroke or other serious medical situation, AeroMD acts as a reliable resource. Encouraging guests to sign-up for AeroMD traveler membership before their stay, can increase the comfort and confidence of any visitor to better relax and enjoy their stay. For hotel managers and owners, knowing your team is properly equipped to handle medical emergencies helps mitigate liability issues or unfavorable guest experiences. AeroMD should be at the top of emergency contact lists for Caribbean hotels and resorts. Prior to 2015, an injured or ill visitor would most commonly await a medical evacuation flight from Florida. The process of establishing medical necessity and awaiting insurance approval, prior to a plane’s departure to make the approximate thousand mile journey to the southeastern Caribbean and back, was overly time consuming in urgent situations. When AeroMD established a forward-operating base in the Virgin Islands, the team brought expediency to the medevac process that saves precious time. Having completed more than five years of successful medical missions with regionally-specific experience and contacts, AeroMD brings a higher level service offering to patients which can make a life-saving difference. With multiple aircraft and medical teams on-island, the medical evacuation process for a hotel guest takes hours, not days.
Whether or not a resort guest is a U.S. citizen, the AeroMD team may be able to assist should they sustain injury or fall ill. A team of professional air medical specialists at the AeroMD international communications center works around-the-clock with patients, their companions and physicians. They have a broad range of experiences from which to work in order to establish customs clearances as needed. The AeroMD team has spent years forming relationships with government officials, case managers and emergency room physicians on islands around the Caribbean, in order to expedite the evacuation process for critically-ill patients. So no matter the citizenship of a patient or the island nation they may be visiting, the extraction process has been streamlined to save precious minutes during an emergency. AeroMD also works with self-pay patients who may wish to forgo visiting a local hospital and instead travel as expeditiously as possible to a major city for medical treatment, or to their home country for family support. So for 5-star resorts that cater to affluent travelers, having AeroMD as a partner is imperative. Discerning guests, who due to age are often at higher health risk for medical emergencies, want the assurance of having aircraft in the region at the waiting should an incident occur. This peace of mind allows them to enjoy their vacation to the fullest without the burden of concern for “what if” medical situations on small or isolated Caribbean islands.
As hotel and resort teams prepare regularly to handle guest emergency situations, AeroMD should be part of the plan. For U.S. territories, annual inspections by a fire marshal act as a positive reminder to check first-aid kits for ample medical supplies to handle a guest accident. Ensure that over-the-counter medications have not yet expired and that commonly used items, like bandages, are replenished. Hotel team members should regularly refresh their cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills, along with practicing the Heimlich maneuver in case of a choking incident. Check that emergency service numbers are posted near phones, especially near pools and beach access points. If a kid’s camp or other child care facility is part of a hotel, ensure those team members receive pediatric-specific first-aid training. AeroMD is a strategic second call during a medical emergency, after 911 (or the local equivalent) has been contacted for help.
Particularly for team members that converse regularly with visitors prior to their stay, from reservation specialists to concierge, AeroMD can be part of the pre-arrival conversation. The ability to provide guests with the peace of mind that flying intensive care units (ICUs) are in the region and ready to help, provides a sense of well-being that can differentiate a hotel from both direct competitors and resorts on other islands. Guests traveling far from home in the Caribbean want to do so with the assurance of safety. That should something go wrong, be it injury on an adventurous excursion, or a serious illness that strikes away from home, they can quickly get high-quality medical care. In making the decision to stay close to home or experience a new exotic location, sometimes the preparedness of a hotel team to handle a medical situation can directly affect a guest’s booking decision. While guest safety is priority number one for a hotel, resort or bed and breakfast providing housing to island visitors, occasionally a medical emergency arises for an internal team member. Be that a slip-and-fall injury or something more extreme for staff taking guests on physically demanding excursions, medical training is just as important to take care of your own. Partnering with AeroMD to ensure that medical equipment is current and ready for use can make a life-saving difference. From a risk mitigation perspective, preparation to handle in-house emergencies is the most effective way to reduce the risk of a workers compensation case. AeroMD brings a hotel air ambulance partnership opportunity to Caribbean hotels and resorts that can save lives. While prevention of guest accidents is the goal, some injuries or illnesses are unavoidable. When those situations are handled with expediency and professionalism, guests feel safe in the hands of a resort team. The word-of-mouth from such an experience can make or break the reputation of a resort. Hotel team members practicing to handle emergencies on a regular basis will give the confidence to handle an emergent situation. Watching staff react to minor accidents or even false alarms, can increase peace of mind for guests while traveling to the remote islands of the Caribbean. For resort managers and boutique hotel owners, legal liability can hinge on proper handling of a guest medical emergency. Regularly training staff (especially as natural turnover occurs), along with establishing a partnership with AeroMD, best equips a hotel to handle any medical emergency with top notch hotel air ambulance service.

AeroMD Air Ambulance serves our neighbors throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.

  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient