Air Ambulance in Trinidad by AeroMD

By offering air ambulance service in Trinidad, Aero MD gives you access to top-notch American medical care wherever you are. Not only do our clients receive the peace of mind of air medical transport in the event of an emergency, but you can also trust you will receive care covered by your insurance while abroad. Based out of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Aero MD can provide one-time air ambulance services if needed, but we also feature yearlong memberships for families and individuals.

Meet the Team

We staff only the most dedicated pilots, and each one trains with our medical air transport and medevac teams. In addition, they log a significant amount of time with flight simulator training to be ready to fly into an emergency situation at a moment’s notice. The Aero MD on-island air medical transport fleet includes a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 Air Ambulance and a Learjet 35A Air Ambulance with onboard medical equipment that rivals the best-equipped land ambulances. Our team of pilots and medical professionals in the Virgin Islands is one of a kind, and our directors handle everything from neonatal to geriatric care. Our close proximity to regular vacation locations allows us to bring critical care where it’s needed in minutes.

Response Time

When you need medical transport services near Trinidad, we know that time is of the essence. Our Beechcraft Air Ambulance has a maximum range of 1,800 nautical miles and a maximum speed of 340 mph, while the Learjet Air Ambulance has a maximum speed of 530 mph and a range of 2,150 nautical miles. In addition to Trinidad, we offer medical flight services for
  • Jamaica and the Caribbean
  • The Bahamas
  • And much of Central and South America

Membership Plans

A membership with Aero MD is different from an agreement with a brokerage company. Since we have our own aircraft and medical team in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, we deliver membership programs that are customized specifically to fit your needs, with rates for families, individuals, corporations, and groups.
  • Individual Plans start at $110/year for Islands-only air transport and $230/year for evacuation to the United States.
  • Family Plans cover as many as six people and start at $230/year for Islands-only transport and $350/year for United States transport. Additional family members can be added for $75/year.
  • Corporate and Group Plans are determined on a case-by-case basis.
What’s included with your membership?
  • Emergency Evacuation Coverage
  • Transportation and Accommodations to Visit a Hospitalized Member
  • Emergency Message Transmission and Medical Monitoring
  • Travel Arrangements after Medical Evacuation
  • Organ Recipient Transportation
  • Return of Traveling Companion
  • Medically Supervised Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Our service is unmatched in the region, streamlining urgent care delivery to put the focus where it belongs: on saving lives. We are dedicated to delivering lifesaving services to residents and visitors of the Caribbean in the event of medical emergencies.

Contact Aero MD for More Information

To learn more about our air ambulance service to Trinidad, contact us online or by phone at 844-237-6631 to speak with medical flight expert who can answer your air medical transport questions.

AeroMD Air Ambulance serves our neighbors throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.

  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient